MOON's foundational belief is that people and businesses can do more and better together than they can alone.  Therefore, MOON strives to deliver excellence through collaboration within the veterinary profession. 

MOON membership consists of  veterinary specialty & referral practices from across the United States.  We are continually expanding and enhancing our member benefits in three main areas - Preferred Pricing Programs, Business Learning & Education, and Collaboration & Networking.  Some current examples include:

Preferred Pricing Programs

  • Medical supplies & equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Veterinary services such as PACS storage, etc.
  • Credit card processing services, and other business services
  • and more..

Business Learning & Education

  • Graduate-level business education opportunities via the MOON Summit
  • Membership and/or preferred pricing with executive & management training organizations
  • Access to other MOON members & their insight
  • Access to management consulting through MOON

 Collaboration & Networking

  • MOON Member Summit
  • Collaborative groups in Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Business Development, and more...
  • Online collaboration
  • Network of professionals in all functional business areas

If you are interested in learning more about MOON Membership, please contact us!